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Ride it like you stole it!

Motorcycle Customization and Repair

                  Jersey Devil Cycles.

            We are a award Winning Motorcycle Customization and Repair shop.

              Specializing in Custom Fabrication,Paint,Light Kits,And Stereo Systems. For Both American And Metric Motorcycles

Why We Do It

 I have been riding since I could walk. Fixing bikes since I got my first manual. Now, I build custom motorcycles for a living. I fix your bike and you get it back, better than before. This is a tribute to the craft of being relentless - like the pain of bloody knuckles from trying to break a bolt loose, or getting gas on my bare hands in the middle of winter. Or my knees and back hurting from hours of searching for a wiring problem. But it's also about the joy of riding in a group of 50 brothers who have the same love for bikes. Those who remember the first time the front end lifted up, or when that ass-end kicked out and you saved it. Or the rush of hitting that 150mph mark, getting rid of the chicken strips on new tires, or pulling up next to a buddy at a light and hitting his kill switch. I want to pay tribute to all of these experiences - allowing the bike to live on, a shiny reminder of why you, and I, love it so damn much. 

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Jersey DevilCycles

213 Ward Lane 

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Jersey Devil Cycles

213 Ward Lane, Monroe, New Jersey 08094, United States

(609) 408-1538